1.Agreement For Sale Of Freehold Property

2.Another Form Of Agreement For Sale Of Free Hold Property

3.Agreement For Sale Of Leasehold Property

4.Deed Of Conveyance Of Freehold Property

5.Deed of conveyance (where the consideration is payable by installments)

6.Deed Of Conveyance Subject To Mortgage

7.Deed Of Conveyance Of The Reversion

8.Deed Of Conveyance Subject To Right Of Way

9.Deed Of Conveyance By Mortgagee

10.Deed Of Conveyance In Favour Of Mortgagee

11.Deed Of Conveyance Of An Interest In Property

12.Deed Of Conveyance Of A Part Of The Building

13.Agreement For Sale Of A House

14.Agreement For Sale Of Mortgaged House

15.Agreement For Sale For Purchase Of A Plot For Constructing Flats

16.Form for obtaining income-tax clearance certificate Under section 230a, income-tax act, 1 9 6 1 Form no. 34a

17.Development agreement by the landlords In favour of a builder

18.Deed of conveyance of a property exclusive of a flat Or floor in the building

19.Agreement For Transfer Of Development Rights

20.Package deal agreement for sale of flats In bulk to a purchaser

21.Form of agreement to be entered into between Promoter and purchaser of flat

22.Agreement for sale of flat by a flat purchaser, when Co-operative society has not been formed And flat is not ready

23.Agreement For Sale Of An Apartment

24.Deed Of Apartment

25.Sale Deed Of Land With Buildings

26.Deed In Respect Of Leasehold Land

27.Deed Of A House

28.Sale deed by liquidator in the voluntary winding up Of the company

29.Sale by Official liquidator Of the company

30.Sale Of A House By An Executor Appointed Under Will

31.Sale of property to various purchasers As tenants-in-common

32.Sale of property to various purchasers In different portions

33.Agreement For Sale Of Ready Goods

34.Agreement For Sale Of Future Goods

35.Agreement for sale of goods (F.O.B. Basis)

36.Agreement for sale of goods (C.I.F. Basis)

37.Agreement For Sale Of Goods Under The Buyer’s Trade Mark

38Agreement For Sale Of Technical Equipment

39.Particulars of conditions of sale by Auction of moveable property

40.Statement of transfer of immovable property for obtaining no-objection certificate from appropriate authority, income-tax
department Form no. 37-1

41.Agreement for sale of a house when purchase money Is to be paid in installments