Power of attoneys

1.Detailed general power of Attorney

2.Power of attorney for execution and presentation before sub-registrar

3.Special power of Attorney to present document for registration

4.Power of Attorney to present deed of family arrangement before registrar

5.Power of attorney by the promoters of the company for submission of memorandum and articles of association before the registrar of companies

6.General power of attorney by a woman partner

7.Power of Attorney by a partnership firm in favour of firms manager

8.Power of Attorney for obtaining letters of administration

9.Special power of attorney for a court case

10.Power of Attorney by landlords in favour of developers

11.Power of Attorney by all partners of the firm ratifying the powers given by a partner for the firm

12.General Power Of Attorney

13.Special Power Of Attorney For Admitting Execution

14.Power Of Attorney To Collect Debts

15.Power Of Attorney To Sell Shares

16.Power Of Attorney To Execute A Deed Of Sale

17.Power Of Attorney To Prepare A Layout & Sell Plots

18.Power Of Attorney To Raise Moneys And Mortgage Property

19.Power Of Attorney To Recover Rents

20.Power Of Attorney To Obtain Letters Of Administration

21.Power Of Attorney By A Company To Its Branch Manager

22.Power Of Attorney By The Partners Of A Firm To One Of Them

23.Substituted Power Of Attorney

24.Power Of Attorney To Execute A Document

25.Power of attorney for development of property By and in favour of developers

26.Power of attorney for development of property By the owner

27.General Power Of Attorney

28.Power Of Attorney In A Court Case

29.Replacement Of Attorney

30.Revocation Of The Power Of Attorney

31.Appointment Of An Attorney In Place Of Another

32.Power Of Attorney In A Court Case ( Another Form)

33.Powers Of Attorney ( Special) To Conduct Particular Case Pending In A Particular Court

34.Special power of attorney to conduct Sales tax proceedings

35.Irrevocable Power Of Attorney

36.Power of attorney for sanction of building plans etc.

37.Power Of Attorney By A Partnership Firm

38.General Power Of Attorney By Company To Its Agent

39.Special Power Of Attorney In Sales Tax Proceedings

40.Special Power Of Attorney To Executive Sale Deed

41.Power Of Attorney For Executing Sale Deed

42.Power To Attorney To Present Documents For Registration

43.Special Power Of Attorney In Income-Tax Case

44.Special power of attorney in favour of two persons To execute sale deed