1.Deed of Partial Partition by one member from the other members of joint Hindu Family

2.Confirmation of Partition already made by the members of joint Hindu Family

3.Partition Deed

4.Family Arrangement

5.Deed Of Partition

6.Deed Of Partition Between Two Tenants-In-Common

7.Deed Of Partial Partition Of Hindu Undivided Family Property In Respect Of Certain Property Only While The Rest Of Hindu Undivided Family Continues To Be Joint

8.Deed Evidencing Oral Partition

9.Deed of partial partition dividing the joint family business only while other properties remaining joint.

10.Deed Of Partition Between Co-Owners

11.Deed Of Partition With A Cash Payment For Equalization

12.Deed Of Partition Between Members Of A Joint Hindu Family

13.Deed Of Partition Between Two Tenants In Common

14.Deed Of Partition Dividing The Joint Family Business Only While Other Properties Remaining Joint