Lease & License & Lease Financing

1.Agreement to lease of land for construction of house

2.Lease deed of land

3.Lease Of Agricultural Land

4.Lease of a building for office

5.Lease of a furnished house for residential purposes

6.Tenancy in the form of letter by the person proposing to take premises on rent

7.Deed of surrender of lease

8.Deed of renewal of lease

9.Tripartite lease agreement between lessor, lessee and the guarantor

10.Agreement for letting furnished dwelling house or flat On short period tenancy

11.Agreement To Lease For A Long Period

12.Agreement For Building Lease

13.Deed Of Lease (For A Term Of Years)

14.Deed of lease (for a term in perpetuity)

15.Deed Of Sub-Lease

16.Deed Of Surrender Of The Whole Property

17.Leave And License Agreement

18.Leave and license agreement to a company For residence of its officers

19.Leave and license agreement in respect of A part of the premises

20.Perpetual Lease Of A Land

21.Licence To Use The House

22.Deed For Modification Of The Terms Of The Lease

23.Lease Of Land For Limited Period

24.Surrender Of Lease

25.Lease Disguised As Licence

26.Lease Of A House On Monthly Tenancy

27.Licence authorizing the licensee to use the part of land of the licensor as way to the house of the licensee.

28.Licence To Use The House For A Definite Period

29.Licence To Use Copy Right