1.Deed of indemnity with sureties to the company for transfer of shares without insisting for succession certificate, etc.

2.Deed of indemnity by the partner retaining assets and liabilities to a partner on the dissolution of the partnership firm

3.Deed of indemnity by the seller of a flat to the purchaser about the defence in title

4.Indemnity by heirs for release of provident funds, gratuity of a deceased employee without production of legal representation

5.Indemnity given to the bank by the natural guardian of minor children

6.Letter of guarantee and indemnity

7.Indemnity Given To Bank For Issue Of A Duplicate Bank Draft

8.Indemnity By A Land Owner Whose Title Is In Dispute

9.Indemnity For Loss Of Title Deeds

10.Indemnity By Debtor To His Guarantor

11.Indemnity For Loss Of Deposit Receipt

12.Indemnity For Title

13.Indemnity For Loss Of Allotment Letter