1.Gift to a purpose with a condition for revocation

2.Gift of land for building a temple

3.Gift by father to his son of land by Mortgage

4.Deed of gift of book debts

5.Renunciation of gift by Donee

6.Deed of gift of Goodwill of business, trade marks by father to two sons in partnership

7.Deed Of Gift Of Moveable Property

8.Record Of A Gift Of Moveables

9.Deed Of Gift Of Immovable Property

10.Deed Of Conditional Gift

11.Revocable Deed Of Gift

12.Gift In Consideration Of Marriage

13.Gift To Son

14.Gift Of Money To Grand Son

15.Gift Of A House To The Daughter

16.Gift Of A House To The Daughter – 2

17.Gift Of Library To A Trust Without Reversion Clause

18.Gift Of Property For Specified Purpose

19.Gift Of Immovable Property

20.Gift Of A Piece Of Land

21.Gift Of A Shop

22.Gift of money to brother for meeting the marriage expenses Of the niece of the donor

23.Gift Of Books For Education Of Daughter

24.Gift Of Property For Hospital

25.Gift Of Moneys For The Marriage Of Grand-Daughter

26.Gift By Lady To Her Minor Grand Sons

27.Gift With A Condition For Revocation

28.Gift Of Charity

29.Gift Of Property To Wife

30.Revocation Of Gift By The Donee

31.Creating life estate for the maintenance of the Daughter – in- law by way of gift

32.Gift To Daughter-In-Law For Maintenance