Foreign Collaboration

1.Agreement For Use Of Trade Mark

2.Agreement Of Collaboration To Establish A Factory

3.Agreement To Act As Technical Or Management Adviser

4.Agreement to help an Indian industry For putting up plant and machinery

5.Agreement To Supply Technical Know-How

6.Collaboration Agreement Between An Indian Company And Foreign Company

7.Form Of Foreign Collaboration Agreement

8.Form Of Technical Collaboration Agreement

9.Agreement For Permission Of Technical Know-How

10.Clauses where know-how is required for Construction of factory, etc.

11.Guidelines For Foreign Collaboration Proposals

12.Clauses For Giving Technical Advice

13.Clause Regarding Rendering Of Services

14.Form Of Foreign Collaboration Agreement

15.Joint Venture Agreement -Specimen Clauses

16.General conditions for the supply of plant and Machinery for export

17.Joint Ventures Abroad