Criminal Law

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Many peoples’ idea of a criminal law defense attorney is one who aggressively defends a case in court. What many people may not be aware of is that a defense lawyer’s work begins before the accused even sets foot in court. People who are arrested and accused of a crime are advised to enlist the services of a lawyer as soon as possible after being arrested and before an arraignment is scheduled.

A committed and competent lawyer can conduct an investigation even before criminal charges are filed. If charges have already been filed by a prosecutor, an attorney needs to review the case prior to the arraignment in order to present the client with the best options.

An arraignment takes place after an arrest is made and criminal charges have been filed. The defendant is read the charges, and he or she may be required to enter a plea. If an attorney is not given enough time to review the case before the arraignment takes place, he or she may not be able to present the client with the best options.

A defense attorney who has thoroughly reviewed the case before the arraignment can analyze evidence and interview witnesses in order to build a strong case for the defendant. The attorney also prepares the defendant by explaining in detail each step of the criminal process, presenting all possible options, and making recommendations as to the best course of action.

A criminal law defense attorney who is committed to protecting the rights of the defendant can make a huge impact on the case. By using all appropriate means to investigate the case and build a strong defensive strategy, the lawyer can obtain the best outcome for the defendant, including getting the charges reduced or dropped.

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