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What is litigation?

Litigation is the major dispute processes used in the law. Ostensibly it is there to attempt to resolve disputes according to the law through the court system. There are some more minor dispute resolution systems such as arbitration and conciliation as well as mediation which are allegedly less formal. These dispute resolution systems are allegedly less formal. They also have the characteristic of not being as binding because the decisions of a judge carry the authority of the law which the decision of a mediator or arbitrator do not.The reason for the creation of alternative dispute resolution systems was that there needed to be greater consideration in dispute resolution of the way in which legal process could be dominated by laws and disputes could get completely blown out of proportion by the fact that lawyers earn a living from the dispute process and sometimes inflame disputes which works to their advantage in terms of the amounts of fees that they can charge. However, litigation still remains the only major tool for getting a binding and enforceable judgment against another person which carries the full weight of the law. The bottom line is that if a person ignores the orders of a court, they can be convicted of contempt which is punishable with a prison sentence. For this reason, court process and litigation is an important part of the government systems in most western countries.

Litigation Servies of Legal Experts India

If you have been sued, or is your rights have been infringed upon to a degree which you cannot live your life in the way you choose any more because of a significant wrong or harm done to you then you will most likely be looking at litigation as the way to resolve this situation. It is no light thing to be involved and there are high stakes for both sides including large amounts of money and in some cases your freedom. All of these things mean that if you are involved in litigation or thinking about starting a litigation matter then you need professional advice to guide you though the process and some assistance with the drafting of documents, the communication with the courts and the other parties in the matter and all of the other details that are related to the practice of litigation. This is the core of what lawyers do and how they practice. If you have a litigation matter, please do not hesitate to contact us today about it and we would assure you that your litaigation matter is allotted to a right experienced and specified attorney specialized in that particular area of Law only.