Paralegal Services

Outsource Paralegal Services

Our methodology on bankruptcy paralegal services, mergers and acquisition, Document Management, Other Paralegal and Secretarial Services, Transcription

Bankruptcy and Foreclosure

Legal Experts India’s attorneys have been assisting UK/US based solo practitioners and law firms practicing bankruptcy and foreclosure for their outsourcing needs. Our arena of services includes: Preparation of Complaints, defenses, motions, briefs, and demurrer for bankruptcy and foreclosure claims. Our teams’ expertise in assisting bankruptcy and foreclosure attorneys are incomparable to our competitors.

Mergers and Acquisition

Due diligence for mergers and acquisitions. Contract review and management for mergers and acquisitions. Research on the legal and financial position of the company along with asset, liabilities and obligations both present and future

Document Management

At Legal Experts India, we collaborate with our customers to evaluate their requirements, costs and processes. Document management and related costs are much larger in scope than one realizes. Infact studies show that almost 8% of the litigation costs are related to document management expenses. Industry analysts report that the document lifecycle processes which include: input/capture, management/layout, output/distribution and storage/archival, consume on an average 20% of corporate revenue.

What sets us apart from the competition is our ability to integrate our client’s corporate strategy with our expertise and technology to build a plan that can effectively address the document management problems of our client. We at Legal Experts India ease you from this work, making you available to concentrate more on functional tasks of the firm. We take pride in the quality and efficiency of work provided at judicious prices.

Other Paralegal & Secretarial Services

Inter alia, we also offer services including: Legal and Client Billing, Legal Data Archiving and other Secretarial Services: Data Archiving/Retrieval, Document Conversion, Calendar keeping, Coding/indexing, Data storage etc.

Accountancy services: Form Filling, Accounts Payables/ Receivables, Maintenance of Ledgers, Payroll processing, Processing expenses, Generating Client Invoices, etc.


We provide highly reliable, accurate and exact transcribed documents, which set standards for the industry to follow. The whole process is transparent and we give opportunity to the client to status check the project at anytime.

In general we do: File Notes, Cover Notes, E mails, Telephone Notes, etc.

In Insurance claims we do: Witness Statements, 8 Week Review, Initial Report (21 Day), Pre Renewal Form, 60 day Report (preliminary report), Quarterly Report, General Statement Template, Internal Memo, Liability Report, CRV forms, GBP forms etc.