Contract Review and Management

Contract Analysis and Review Services

Our methodology on Contract Review, Contract Drafting, Contract Analysis, Categorization and Maintenance of contract database.

  • Identification and capturing of key information in accordance to the checklist or guidelines provided by the client.
  • Capturing any variation from the standard terms of the contract.
  • Ongoing Contract maintenance and management.
  • Creation of checklist templates after broadly classifying different contracts.
  • Contract analysis and negotiations to detect and remove ambiguities and repugnancies (blue, red and black lining).
  • Preparation of memos highlighting the Pros and Cons of the Contracts.
  • Creating contract-specific templates.
  • Our services cover contracts, including but not limited to Employment and Human Resources (HR); Information Technology (IT) and Software; Procurement and Purchasing; Real Estate and Leasing; Services and Outsourcing Agreement and Contracts.

The Contract Review & Management (CR & M) Team

  • Highly efficient and experienced team of attorneys.
  • The team is well trained on FIDIC, Incoterms and other contract terminology.
  • Dedicated Quality Analysts in the team.
  • Regular and rigorous training of the team.
  • Shift supervisors.
  • 24 hours IT support.


  • State of the art infrastructure.
  • 24×7 security systems.
  • CCTV surveillance.
  • Restricted access to the work place.
  • Visitor sign-in logs
  • Secure & efficient document destruction methodology
  • 100% power backup.
  • Nested designated service areas.
  • Hi-resolution document display monitors.
  • Secure servers with 128-bit data encryption.

WHY choose Legal Experts India for your Contract Review services?

We are leaders in Contract Review & Management Services in the LPO industry today. We have well-qualified and trained attorneys to provide contract review and management services. We set the best practice standards for contract review and management in the legal process outsourcing (LPO) industry. Our advanced Contract Management Software and experienced attorneys ensure a quicker turnaround of Contracts. Whether your contractual needs are repetitive or consistent or arise on a project to project basis, we customize a solution to fit your needs.