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Often there are a lot of little questions about legal matters which can be very helpful to ask a lawyer about. Legal information can sometimes be very technical and complicated, which leads you to ask a Legal Expert for their opinion who would give you a particular piece of information that you are covered legally and have reduced your risk of litigation in a business situation. Also, if you ask a legal question, you can then use this identify if you need to procure a legal service like the drafting of a document, the filing of a legal claim or whether it would be wise to pursue a legal matter or settle it. Legal questions which come up can arise in virtually any area of law or virtually any business area.

A. Priority Email response $25  
B. Phone Consultation (Maximum 30 Minutes) $50  
A. Standard Attorney Search Service $75  
B. Standard Attorney Search Service + Stagewise Updates for your case $350  
A. Any Type of Agreement, Legal Notice,
Deeds, Indemnity Bonds, Power of
Attorney, Will, or any other Legal

General Consultancy

A. Proiority Response.

Upon receipt of your order, Legal Experts India, after in-dept study of your Legal Query through that specialized attorney practicing in that particular area of Law, will respond to you by e-mail with all possible options solutions, usually within 48 hrs of receipt of payment. This payment will cover the cost of our experts offering detailed legal Information and solutions in the form of a one-off e-mail.

B. Phone Consultation.

Upon receipt of your order for Phone Consultation, Legal Expert India Shall fix a suitable time for the Phone Consultation with that Specialized Attorney and you can have a 30 minutes of time for your Questions and Answers Session with that Attorney.

Litigation Attorney Search Service

A. Standard Attorney Search Service.

Upon receiving your order of Attorney search for the specific Litigation, our 24X7 Team starts the search and try to locate our associate Attorney nearest to your Geographical location and as per the Jurisdiction of the specific court where you can file the case and makes sure that that Attorney has the extensive expereince of litatigation in that particular area of law only and an appointment of yours will be fixed with that Attorney which will be conveyed to you through e-mail.

B. Standard Attorney Search Service + Stagewise Updates for your case

If you avail the above Standard Attorney Search Service and wish to receive all the details of your Litigation Case on every date of Hearing of your case in the court, than upon receiving your order of Stagewise update of your case, you would be given an ID password with Legal Experts India and on every stage of your litigation date the details of what happen on that date will be uploaded on you online account with us. You need not even contact our Attorney who is defending your case and not even required to remember the date of your Hearing. Apart from this

If you avail the above service, than Legal Experts India is offering a FREE SMS ALERT service, for a limited period, wherein you will receive the Text Message Alert on your mobile No. registered with Legal Experts India and you would receive a alert for your “Case Hearing” 24 hours before the Scheduled Hearing for your case as well as stage wise developements of your case, right on your fingertips.

Legal Drafting

Upon receiving your order for the Particular Draft, Legal Expert India go through a step by step procedure with your exact requirements with updated amendments from time to time and send you the draft ready to use as required by you.